Path Stories: Our Lives on Path

"I started using Path when 2.0 was released. It was a game changer—mobile centric, stunning design and a phenomenal user-experience.

Working in emerging social media technology and venture capital, I am continually testing new platforms and social networks. Path was the first place I felt comfortable sharing my life with those who mean the world to me. I told my wife, parents, sister, and my wife’s family, “If you want to be part of my digital life, then you need to be my friend on Path.” Very quickly Path became my go-to social graph.

What I love most about Path is that it mimics natural human behavior. It allows me to share specific experiences with individuals who matter to me, all through a lens of trust and privacy. Path isn’t the type of place where you share links (you know, the type of content we see in other social networks), and that is awesome—my stream is filled with meaningful and memorable moments!

Most of the moments I share are family, with some occasional nature and architecture thrown in. My parents live in Australia, and Path is one of their main connections to their grandchildren. When I am in the office, my wife shares pictures and videos of the kids. It always brightens my day! And I frequently use the emoticons and stickers in the comments. It’s another way Path mirrors who we are—sometimes a sticker or gasping face expresses the emotive reaction best.”- Michoel, New York