Path Stories: Searching for Love

We launched Search over a year ago to help you tell great stories. It’s for showing your friend those photos you’d taken at the beach or finding that awesome sushi place you’d gone to while on vacation.

Some of the most delightful experiences people have with Search aren’t when they look for something specific, but rather when they search a few days or months or years back and resurface small, yet meaningful moments. “Oh wow, I forgot about that!” is often what we hear people say.

This Valentine’s Day, we encourage you to be nostalgic. Search back through the past weeks, months, even years. You may rediscover some special moments you might’ve forgotten with friends and loved ones.

To get you started, here are a few searches to try: “my first moment”, “six months ago”, “Valentine’s Day”.

We leave you with this Search story from one of our Path users…

I started using Path when it first launched — that was 3 years and 2,335 moments ago. All together, those two thousand moments tell the story of my life in San Francisco, my journey becoming an entrepreneur, and most importantly, my relationship with my wife, Alex.

I had been using Path by myself, and with a few other friends. But when Path 2 launched, I forced Alex to get it. I thought it would be the perfect way to keep in touch with each other when we were apart. She joined and it took off; according to Path her first moment was on February 13th, 2011.

When Search launched, I noticed I could type in Alex’s name and see all the moments I had tagged her in and all the ones she’d shared. Looking back, I realized that we had documented every single one of our milestones over the past 3 years. And even though we’ve been together for almost 8 years at this point, during the time we’ve been on Path we’ve grown from girlfriend and boyfriend, to getting engaged, to Mr and Mrs. Perry.

Some of the moments we’ve shared are obvious favorites - our travels to Boston to visit her grandma, our wedding photos, signing our marriage license… But I discovered that the ones I enjoyed reliving the most were all the small dates and every day moments that we had quickly forgotten. I found photos of that game at Fenway, that time at the coffee shop - all these little instances that added up to something very special.

And that’s why I love Path. - Michael, California

Happy Valentine’s Day from the Path Team!