Path for iOS 7

We know, we’re a bit late to the party. But, today we are happy to announce Path for iOS 7. Focused on simplicity and usability - from an entirely new coat of paint, to adjusting your Settings, to browsing the Shop, to iOS 7 swipe gestures - we’ve made it simpler and easier to do the things you do every day with Path.

In Settings, you will find that we’ve simplified the more detailed controls into Account, Notifications and Sharing sections. In Account, you’ll be able to update your profile photo, cover photo, email and other personal information. In Notifications, you’ll be able to manage notifications for your Inner Circle and your Friends. In Sharing you can manage all of the networks you can post to from Path.

The Shop has been redesigned to showcase our premium stickers and filters in a more simplified way. You can browse premium stickers and filters or even upgrade to Path Premium by tapping on the buttons on the bottom navigation bar. To see all your purchased packs or restore your Shop items, you can tap on the Purchases button on the top right.

We’ve also included iOS 7 swipe functionality, which will allow you to quickly swipe from any messaging thread back home.

To download Path 3.4 now, visit the iTunes Store. Enjoy.

- Dave Morin, Co-Founder & CEO