Introducing Path Beta for Windows Phone 8

At Path, we’ve been mobile-first and mobile-only since day one. We believe that mobile is the future of computing. Initially, we set out to build Path for the iOS, eventually expanding to both the iPhone and the iPad. As the Android ecosystem has grown, we’ve brought Path to many different forms of Android including Amazon Kindle Fire, Google Glass, and Samsung Galaxy Gear. Today, we are happy to announce Path is now available on Windows Phone 8.

Windows Phone 8 has been our most requested platform. We’re excited to welcome Windows Phone 8 users into our community of 23 million strong, so they too can add to the billions of moments that have already been shared on Path. Path Beta for Windows Phone will be available today in the Windows Phone Store, thanks to our collaboration with a joint team from Nokia and Microsoft.


“Today marks an exciting moment for the Windows Phone community as Path releases an early glimpse of their public beta app. Although there is more ahead, we look forward to Path providing continued updates and delivering a best-in-class Path app experience for Nokia and Windows Phone devices.” - Bryan Biniak, VP & GM of Developer Relations.

Path Beta for Windows Phone 8 includes many of our core features, and will highlight Windows Phone-specific features such as Live Tiles. You can share photo, video, thought, location and sleep moments. You can post your moments to Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and Foursquare; and choose whether you want to share a moment privately or just to your Inner Circle. Future versions of the app will include media moments (movies, books & music), Path Messaging, and the Path Shop.

We’re particularly excited to see Path on the Nokia Lumia 1020, with its innovative 41 megapixel camera and 50 premium Nokia filters.

Thanks to all the Windows Phone 8 users who have been waiting patiently - welcome to the Path community! You can download the Path Beta for Windows Phone today to start sharing with your closest friends and family.