Introducing With, a Path Short.

At Path, above all we believe in empowering simple design, quality craftsmanship, and creative freedom.

To that tune we host hackathons once a month where we hack on anything we want. The only rule is: don’t work on what you normally work on. This practice was pioneered at Facebook. We borrowed the practice in the hopes that it would encourage similar innovation here at Path.

Every once in awhile, interesting ideas emerge, and we continue to explore them. And, just as movie production studios have productions and shorts, we think technology companies should too. Too many a good idea go untested in the wild for fear of failure.

At a recent hackathon, we discussed an idea that we thought to be fairly powerful: A fun, simple way to share who you are with. The idea seemed to have legs.

As we have been building Path, we noticed two things.

First, we continue our obsession with the moment at Path. We’ve found that some of the best moments on Path are those in which you share who you are with.

Second, we had a lot of users asking us to create the Path experience for Twitter, though more than half a million Path users genuinely enjoy the private and personal nature of the network. So, we needed to consider enabling users to capture and share moments on a public network.

Third, as we continue our quest to build new types of networks which maintain their quality over time, we have been fascinated by the idea of an interaction network. Or, as we enjoy calling it, the With Graph.

Further, at Path we also value authenticity. We thought that the best thing to do was to take some of our existing technology and ideas, and create a simple and authentic experience for Twitter to accomplish this.

So over the last several weeks, we built it.

Introducing With, the first Path Short.


  • A fun, simple way to share who you are with. Beautiful photo optional.
  • Free and Premium Lenses for taking beautiful photos of friends.
  • With is an interaction network. The friends you are with most often rise to the top of your profile.
  • Friendship has its benefits. Closer friends receive special benefits…with more to come.
  • Built entirely on top of Twitter with Twitter Single-Sign On.
  • Available worldwide for iPhone and iPod Touch in the App Store
  • Available on the Web at:

We thought we would put this out there to see what people think. We hope you enjoy.

Click here to download With from the App Store.

Who are you with?