Introducing Path 3.2: Private Sharing, Inner Circle, and Premium

Our team is proud to announce Path 3.2 and with it, Private Sharing, Inner Circle, and Premium. A lot of thought and iteration went in to these features, during which we constantly asked ourselves—will this help bring you and your friends and family closer together? Will this give you more control over what you share, and who you choose to share with? Will this encourage you to be yourself, and be more open with those who matter most?

We hope Path 3.2 helps you to share even more of those little, everyday, unassuming “just between us” moments. The karaoke dive you can’t wait to take your roommates to. The bad haircuts in the yellowed family photo you found from the 90’s. The thousandth video of your parents’ first grandbaby. That song that made me miss you.

In addition, Path 3.2 delivers a Premium model for total access to everything we have to offer in the Shop. In return, with your support, we’ll be able to continue to build the personal network, which to us, means no advertisements. The Path community is now over 20 million members in 163 countries, giving you the opportunity to become closer to more people in your life than ever before. With that, we’d like to introduce Path 3.2 to you, available today.

Private Sharing

Some moments are important simply because of who you’re with, or who they remind you of. Private sharing allows you to share with one or any number of friends on an ad hoc, moment by moment basis. Private sharing has been a top feature request of our users since the beginning of Path, and we’re so excited to enable you to share inside jokes and old memories with those who would appreciate them most.


After capturing a moment, tap the lock on the sharing screen. Keep the moment private for your eyes only, or tap the prompt to select friends to share it with. Your friends will know if they have been shared in a private moment by the lock in place of the usual seen-it smile. By looking at the moment’s seen-its, your friends will also be able to tell who else has been included.

Inner Circle

Inner Circle makes it easy to share instantly with those closest to you. And it’s completely unique to you. You may define it as your immediate family. Your oldest childhood friends. Your teammates. Your inseparable coworkers. Just the two of you.

Select friends for your Inner Circle by tapping the stars next to their names in the Friends List. While in the sharing screen, tap the star to share with those most important, instantly. Your friends will know that they are in your Inner Circle by the star in the top corner of the moment.



We introduced stickers to messaging and then to comments for you to use to express yourself, with characters that instantly say a thousand words. We designed all of our photo filters in-house to give you some of the coolest effects available. Path Premium users will have immediate and unlimited access to everything in the Shop, while supporting our vision to remain a completely ad-free network.


Along with unlimited access to all Path-exclusive filters and stickers in the Shop, Premium users will also get early access to new Shop items. Premium is available for purchase as an annual subscription on iOS and Android for $14.99; a 1-month subscription is available for $1.99 on Android or a 3-month subscription on iOS for $4.99.

This is only the beginning of our Premium model.  Please stay tuned as we add additional features to Premium that will allow you to further customize and personalize your Path.  In the meantime, we so appreciate your support in our commitment to provide a safe and private place for you to share.

We believe that we gain true happiness from meaningful relationships. Honest connections that are accepting of us as we are. With Path 3.2, we hope to filter the Path experience to fit you, giving you the chance to share more in a simple, beautiful, and joyful place with Private Sharing and Inner Circle. Built for Android, iPhone, and iPad.