Samsung + Path: Gearing Up

Part of our goal in creating the network for your personal life is to make capturing and sharing moments as seamless as possible. We decided to focus on building for mobile specifically because of the platform’s inherent ubiquity—our phone is usually never further than our pocket. This means less time sharing, and more time spent in the moment with those that matter most. This is why we’re so excited to elevate the ease and portability of the Path experience by building for the wearable device.

We’re honored to announce today that we have been exclusively chosen by Samsung to integrate into the new Samsung Galaxy Gear. Capturing and sharing meaningful moments has never been easier. The device is no bigger than a typical watch and worn like one, and is equipped with a touchscreen and a powerful camera that captures photos with a single tap. The Galaxy Gear is set to work alongside the Note 3 phone, and uses NFC technology to load Path from the wearable to the phone if the user does not yet have Path downloaded.

Path on the Samsung Galaxy Gear enables users to share photos, give feedback to their friends and family, and post their location in seconds. Path users on the wearable can also receive notifications from the most important people in their lives, instantly.

"Like building for Google Glass, we had the privilege to build Path on Samsung’s Galaxy Gear from the ground up. Starting with a blank slate is one of the best parts of product development," said Ray Ho, senior Android engineer at Path. "Working with the new form factor and screen dimensions proved challenging, but we think the conscious decisions we made about what features to include will set Path apart."

We believe that we couldn’t have found a better partner than Samsung, a company that has stood at the forefront of the global technology market for more than 40 years. We’re so excited to provide our Android users with the ability to share life with the most innovative technology available.

Note: The Samsung Galaxy Gear will be announced today, and available for purchase at a later date. Stay tuned.