Expanding our API and Helping our Users Share Even More

In our quest to be the social network for your personal life, we’re always looking for ways to help our users make Path feel more like home. Part of this means enabling folks to share content that is unique and true to their daily lives. We began with allowing for moment types such as photos, videos, thoughts, and music. We continued this by letting our users frame their days by waking up and going to sleep, and by building messaging to give your personal conversations a space on Path.

We were so excited last year to partner with Nike to give Path users the power to share their daily workouts, and in turn get support from their family and friends. Today, we’re announcing that our users can personalize their Path even more by expanding access to the Path API, and integrating with a number of applications we love such as Strava, WordPress, Over, and others.

To start, we have hand-selected developers we admire for their innovation and quality, as well as a few that have been most requested by our users. From more workout moments, to photo moments, to thought moments, we have worked closely with these developers to ensure that sharing to Path is a seamless and beautiful experience.

Moving forward, we will continue to work with developers with whom we share values. In addition, we’ll continue to work closely with each developer to guarantee an integration that truly delights the user. Our current list of developers that will be able to share to Path are:

Photos & Video

  • Over
  • Viddy
  • PicMix
  • PicFrame
  • Pic Stitch
  • Pic Collage
  • papelook
  • Manga-Camera
  • Otaku Camera
  • Miil


  • WordPress
  • The Bible App


  • Strava Cycling
  • Nike+ Running
  • Nike+ FuelBand

Some of these are available today, others in the coming weeks. We invite you to download them and start sharing to Path!

Interested in connecting your app to Path? Apply here: http://path.com/developers