Stickers: Adventure Time

In the far-off land of Ooo, a thousand years after the Great Mushroom War, there lives lanky teenaged Finn and his brother, Jake the Dog. Side by side, the quest-seeking duo explore the Candy Kingdom, Lumpy Space and the Spooky Forest to help those in need, rescue sweet treasures and pass every test of friendship in their path.

Created by Pendleton Ward, the Emmy Award-nominated Adventure Time on Cartoon Network has gained a devoted fanbase of all ages for its utter surreality, masterful fantasy, and emotional honesty. We at Path are huge fans of the series, and can often be found huddled in our design den watching clips and recapping over lunch. We are so excited to bring Finn, Jake, Princess Bubblegum, Lady Rainicorn, and all of their friends to the Path Shop today.

As Finn would say, “Algebraic!’