Path Stories: A Place for Family

"My favorite Path moment is a photo my mom shared last Christmas of my sister and I exchanging presents, captioned ‘Enjoying our daughters.’  My sister’s fiance in Ohio added a comment and a thread of comments continued from there. What made it a favorite was not necessarily the content, but the fact that it was the first time my mom took the photo and shared it as if it was the intuitive thing to do.  She did it without my usual reminder to ‘Post it on Path!’.  It showed Path was starting to mean something to her. It was the first of many family moments my mom will share on Path, and that meant a lot to me.

It means we’ll all be able to look back at moments like this and laugh. That I’ll be able to share it with a future spouse, or with my kids; maybe even my kids’ kids.  As someone who grew up in a family that didn’t own a camcorder and only has a few photo albums of us as babies, documenting moments like these is something I never take for granted.

What I love most about Path is that I can post anythingraw video, the song I’m listening to, the dumb logos I made for my iPhone app, or a rather unflattering photo of me just waking up in the morning without wondering who might see it that shouldn’t, who might judge it, or what repercussion may come of it down the road.  In the same token, I’m able to share a moment with the world if I feel so inspired, via Twitter, etc.

Path is a warm and forgiving place. Everything I consume or share has been in some way, created or experienced by myself and close friends and family. I’ve never occupied a virtual space that felt more personal, authentic or expressive of who I am." -Katelyn, New York