Path Stories: A Tool for Mom

"My 57 year old mother bought a smartphone just for Path. That’s how important Path is to us. I’m not a blogger and I hate sharing our ‘nothing’ moments on other social networks for mere acquaintances to see. For the most part, we use Path for the everyday, the nothing special, the moments that fill up our lives.

We live away from both of our families and our mamas miss their grandbabies. I try so hard to add diversity to the moments I share, but it’s really just stuff of my kids for my mom and mom-in-law; a cute messy face, an interaction with a bug, a Saturday morning snuggle, with the occasional big milestone thrown in.

I used to have an album on Facebook called ‘If you’re not family, you might not care,’ but I haven’t added to it since we’ve been using Path. I love having a venue to share these ‘nothing’ moments that are really the everything of our lives.” -Beth, Texas


Happy Mother’s Day to all of our wonderful mothers!