Path Stories: Dear Mom

"Dear Mom, 

You know how I sometimes say that every day is Mother’s day, so there is no real point in celebrating it? The years I do remember it, I tell you that you are the best mom in the world. Regardless, what never changes is my infinite love for you, the tremendous respect you inspire, and the generosity of your heart that makes you such a beautiful person from the inside out.  

There are some days I miss you so much now that we live so far from each other, you in Paris and me in San Francisco. Sometimes, I wish I could just see you and tell you what is stressing me out or tell you about the great joy of my day.  I cannot reach you so easily anymore. But I feel you because we have found Path. Month after month, Path has become more and more invisible yet so integrated into our relationship. 

There is sometimes this magic element when technology becomes so instinctive and humanized that it can reproduce life, literally. Better than real, it becomes “forgettable”; it allows connection to be emotions, an image or just a few words to be a conversation. Suddenly, you and I no longer feel the distance anymore. Path is this magic.

Everyday, I wake up and check your Path. Just as if I was asking you “how are you today?”, I discover your favorite places, the new books or movies you are exploring, the nice moments you share with the family, and your new passions. I always think that you feel the same when you see me sharing my little complaints of the day or the pictures of my last Californian escape. I always love to imagine you don’t see them as “updates” but as our spontaneous discussions. It’s already been three years since I left France, and I feel there was a before and after Path for you and me. We found a way to have our daily little chats, protected from too many eyes, intimate.

During these last months, life accelerated and our private place became absolutely necessary: new friends, new dreams, new places and love that grows. The man of my dream asked me to marry him. 

I can’t imagine it being easy for you being so far. It definitely wasn’t for me. But on that day last June, you were next to us. You spent the day with your phone, reacting to this special day I wanted to share with you. You saw it on Path, but I know you also felt the emotion.

There is no important moment you will miss, I swear. With the help of a little magic.

Happy Mother’s day my sweet mom. Check your Path, I have a surprise there just for you.” -Axelle, California