Path Stories: Cheers from Grandma

“I am, like my grandparents before me, an immigrant. My grandmother left Poland for Germany, then Germany for France 70 years ago. I, 50 years later, left France for Canada. The most difficult part about moving so far away was trying to keep in touch with family back home. My grandmother used to call and send letters, but it was an effort, and was always something related to a big event (a trip, a new car, a wedding). It never felt spontaneous. It was the same kind of forced communication for me as well. It felt unnatural to call and talk about the weather, to spend time and money sending random pictures of my new neighborhood, my office or the cat I adopted. Email was too complicated for her.

Finally, I bought an iPad for my family back in France, and created two Path accounts; one for me, linked to my iPhone, and one for them, linked to their brand new iPad.

Now, every time I post a picture, a place, or a thought, on Path, the family iPad rings because of the notification. It is now the official ‘Marion News!’ sound in our family. I now easily share things, in the moment, with a time marker, in an interactive way. It’s also an easy and portable way for my mom to show my pictures and news to the other members of our family.

A few days ago, I decided to start running again. I logged the run in Path with Nike +. During the run, I received encouragement from my family 5000 km away. A smile (and few tears) instantly appeared on my face, and haven’t left since. With Path, my family, especially my beloved grandmother, is never far away.”  -Marion, Montreal