Engineering: A Moment With Yigit Boyar, Android Engineer at Path

Yigit Boyar is our resident Turkish member of the Path team. Lover of basketball, pandas, and foreign films, Yigit can often be found working in front of the computer screen into the early morning hours shipping releases for the Android platform. 
What inspires you?
Working on things that help people. If it’s something unique and very hard to achieve, it triggers me and I do my best to accomplish it.

Where are you from?
I am from a small college town called Eskisehir in Turkey.

What is your favorite part of working at Path?
We have a unique focus on user experience. This requires a lot of time and resources with many startups are not willing to spend. This helps me accept no boundaries and challenge my technical skills.

What do you enjoy about working on the Android platform?
It is a constantly improving platform that gives us developers a big playground. At Path, I get the chance to work on things that are not implemented by anyone else which keeps me awake at night and in front of my laptop.

A perfect Sunday would look something like…
Beautiful weather where we can bike around the Bay Area with my girlfriend or buddies, chill out at Mission Dolores or Golden Gate Park, and end the day with a movie or hanging out with my Turkish crew at a bar.

Are you an early bird or a night owl?
Night owl. Leaving my warm bed in the morning is just too hard…

What contents are on your desk right now?
A couple of empty Synergy bottles, my coffee mug from Colima, Mexico, lots of Android phones and a few other random items I had forgotten about.

What would be your desert island book, movie, and meal?
"The Atlas of Misty Continents", by Ihsan Oktay Anar: "The Intouchables" by director Oliver Nakache (it would probably convince me to stay alive): and a plate of Turkish sarma cooked by my mom.
What qualities do you admire most in people?
Honesty and directness. People should be able to express what they really think without thinking about how they should say it. 
Any hidden talents?
I play a bit of basketball. I competed in the regional circuit with my team back in Turkey when I was 15. 
Do you have a life motto?
No pain, no gain.