Path Stories: Princess for a Day

“When Path 2 came out, the startup community was raving about it. Amazingly, from my very first experience, the product exceeded the hype. It was (and still is) a completely natural experience, far away the most delightful app I’ve ever used…so enjoyable that I’ve used it for recording everything. From the moment I wake until the end of each day: where I go, who I’m with, what I’m listening to or watching and any deep thoughts I’ve needed to get off my mind, I share on Path.

There were a few of those thoughts in 2012building a business has it’s ups and downs! In the midst of all this, my daughter Amelia was turning 5. It was vitally important to me that no matter what else was going on she would have the time of her life that day. With the help of close friends - the kind that Path keeps me well connected toI was able to put together a “Magical 5th Birthday Ball” with all the trimmings: venue from a client, bouncy castle and catering. I captured this moment with my girl before her guests started to arrivethat smile never left her face that day and she’s never stopped talking about it.

Path is where I record my life. Other networks are great for pushing content to a wider audience, but it’s deeply satisfying knowing there’s a single stream of my story in a secure place, one that is a pleasure to use.”   

                                                   -Julian, New Zealand