Path Stories: After the Storm

"Last summer some friends and I went camping on Franklin Island in Georgian Bay in Ontario, Canada. The island was across from my girlfriend Jules’ cottage, so she came over to spend some time camping with us. We were having a great day playing volleyball on the beach with a makeshift net we made out of logs and a rope when things turned for the worse and one of the worst storms of the summer rolled in.

After a terrible night sleeping soaked in the rain, most of our camping equipment was waterlogged and the group decided to head home. Jules and I decided to spend a few more days at her cottage. The skies cleared up as we arrived at her place, and we ended up having a beautiful, sunny day hanging out by the lake. We spent the afternoon relaxing and drawing henna tattoos on each other.  Looking back it was one of my favorite memories with Jules from last summer, and I’m so glad I had Path to log the moment.”

                                                     - Brett, Toronto, Canada