Path Search: Now Available in French and Spanish

Last December we launched Search, one of our favorite features so far. It was great to reminisce as a team and look back at how much the Path team had evolved throughout the past years. We rediscovered some great times that made for good laughs and stories all around. We hoped that the rest of our Path community could do the same, and have so far heard of some great stories that had once been considered lost and have have once again been found.

Though we were excited to launch Search - we know we still had to continue working on making Search available to our international users. We are now thrilled to announce that it is now available in Spanish and French, and we will be rolling out new languages during the coming months.

As part of this launch, we hoped to talk to some of our international users and feature some of the moments they were able to rediscover. We reached out to David Sulitzer, who lives in Paris and has been using Path to share life with his best friends, his girlfriend and his parents. He was kind enough to talk to us and share some of the great things he found:


I’ve used Path to document some of my most exciting moments this past year - from starting a new job to taking a trip with my family. This photo is from a skiing trip my cousins and I had been waiting to go on for quite some time. Once it finally happened we thought there was no better place to share our trip than on Path. It was a great trip, and it had been the first time the three of us had gone skiing together.


I also found some wonderful memories I shared with my girlfriend. This day was particularly peaceful - just relaxing at the park after work; I wish everyday could end this way.

One of the best parts of searching back in time was finding great comments from my friends and family. This particular moment is just another one of those lovely Christmas evenings where we exchanged way too many presents. My favorite part is my mom’s comment.


What surprised me the most though was that I could look back and see all my friends’ imported moments from before they had joined Path and re-start old conversations around some memorable stories. I could see old jokes, past trips and how things have changed over the years. It’s great to have one place where we can store all of these memories.


We’d like to thank David for sharing the moments he found with us. Feel free to check out his blog for more of his thoughts here.

We’d also love to hear of any great memories that you guys have found with the help of Path. Please share with us any memorable stories at