A Brand New Language – Introducing Path 3 with Private Messaging, Stickers, and the Shop

When we speak with friends, share a joke, a quiet word, or a conversation over drinks, there is so much more than words that pass between us. A smile or nod or encouraging gesture – these allow for true connection and understanding. Being really with someone. How can a technology hope to recreate our unspoken language? How can it create the experience of being across the table from someone, beside them in a crowd – when you are miles apart? It’s a goal worth striving for, and one that is so important to us.

Today we are excited to introduce Path 3. We have added private messaging – the Path take on it – that we hope will help you feel like talking in person, with a hand on your arm, seeing a friend’s scrunched nose, wide smile. That it might make you laugh out loud.

One-to-one and group messaging is made for the smaller, more personal conversations that you want to have on Path. It includes text, voice, location, stickers, songs, books, movies, photos, and videos. There’s utility and context. For example, if you’re running late, you can tap the location button to let a friend know where you are. Or if you don’t have free hands to type, you can record a voice message.  


Stickers? These are pieces of art to be used in messaging. They are expressive and fun, and they communicate what words can’t. You can choose what speaks to you, and speaks best on your behalf: a fist bump, over-caffeination, jealousy, big love. We’ve given you two free sticker packs designed in-house and we’ve worked with some of our favorite artists, like David Lanham, Hugh MacLeod, and Richard Perez, to create packs that you can buy in the Shop.


Thank you for being with us these past three years. If you are just joining us, we are so happy to have you, welcome. We hope you enjoy Path 3.

Path 3 is available in 19 languages and for iOS and Android devices. Get it now in the App Store. Available soon in Google Play.