Path Stories: A Love Letter

"My girlfriend and I have been huge fans of Path since version 1.0.  We only share with each other on Path, and we pretty much document every piece of our lives on it.
We are in a long distance relationship right now, and Path has really helped bridge the gap between us.  We always check-in on Path so we can know what the other is up to, and we share photos of all our dates on so we can look back on them when are not together.

Path has really helped and encouraged us to maintain our relationship.  I sent my girlfriend a letter for Valentine’s Day, since I don’t get to see her until later this month. I used the stickers I received from Path to create a “Pove” Letter, (P for Path, of course)! I know that my love letter writing could improve a bit, but the stickers really enhanced the note and helped convey my affection.” -Wat, Japan