The Super Bowl on Path

America’s favorite event captured our imagination yesterday, and we experienced it together; the anticipation, the mounting tension, the mysterious blackout, the hilarious ads, the groan-inducing fumbles, and the fierce dance moves. Decked out in purple and black or red and gold, Americans ate naughtily, rooted loudly, and shared it all on Path. Here’s the Super Bowl on Path by the numbers:

  • We launched Path on our phones 30% more often than the average Sunday, and more times than any national holiday over the past year
  • We shared 43% more moments than a typical day
  • We got emotional, adding 14% more emotions on our friends moments
  • And we couldn’t help but bring more friends to the party, leading to 117% more new user sign-ups

Whether we were elated or deflated at the final result, we can definitely say that we did the Super Bowl right; by sharing it with our favorite people. Until next year!