Path Stories: A New Chapter

"I moved to Buffalo, New York in 2009 in pursuit of a higher education.  I left my home, my family and my cute dogs back in Pakistan. When I first moved abroad, my family and I searched for a way to share photos, activities and thoughts with each other, but due to privacy issues with the more public social media services, we were reluctant to share personal things that are meant to be shared with loved ones only. Real things.

Then I learned about Path; a network where we have complete privacy and can share photos, activities, thoughts and much more.

Due to the huge ten hour time difference between the USA and Pakistan, direct messaging is not very effective. When I am awake, my family is asleep and when they are awake, I am asleep.  I want them to know when I am awake and when I am going to bed and thanks to Path I am able to share this with my loved ones. I completed my Masters degree in Civil Engineering and now I am studying as a Ph.D student, and thanks to Path my family is able to support and be with me through it all.” -Najaf, New York                                                                                            image