Path Stories: A Christmas Story

"A year ago, 368 days to be exact, I had my first moment with Path. It was in that moment the 900 miles that separated my fiancé and me seemed not so terrible.  We had to spend our first Christmas as a couple apart and it was going to be a month before we saw each other, not counting FaceTime, but I never felt alone. We shared all of our important and  even a lot of mundane, but somehow special to us, moments. With Path we slept and woke together while hundreds of miles apart. When propriety kept us from talking we knew how the other felt.

For me this is an anniversary of sorts, for both happy and sad moments. If there has been one feature that has made my use of a piece of software even more important it has been the introduction of Search to Path. Being able to relive some of the best moments of the last year better thanks to something as seemingly simple as search has brought both tears of joy and sadness.

In a way it’s surreal that I’m working at the company that made so much of the last year great.  Path has given me given me two gifts this Christmas; the chance to do what I love while having a homecoming in moving back to the Bay and, more importantly, better memories.

Thank you Path for making this one of the best and most important Christmas’s for me and my family.” -Server Engineer at Path