Path 1.5 - Getting More Personal

As Path grows and helps more people be themselves and share life with close friends and family, we try to continue to pursue our vision of the personal network. With Path 1.5 you can connect with more of your close friends and family than ever before and express yourself in more personal ways on Path, and now also Facebook.
Here is a look at the updates:

Connect and Share with Facebook
As we have been evolving Path we’ve been thinking through the best ways to harmonize with the social networks you know and love.

We’ve heard loud and clear that you love the ability to share more moments more often on Path with your personal network, but that some of those moments also belong on Facebook. We’ve also heard from you that you would like to connect with your Facebook friends who are not yet on Path.

Starting today, we’re making both of these things possible.

First, you can now share with any of your Facebook friends on Path. Each time you capture a moment on Path, we’ll share it on your Facebook Wall, too. And, we’ll even make sure that the privacy settings are setup correctly so that only the right people see it.

Second, you can now share any of your moments on your Facebook Wall with all of your Facebook friends. After you capture a moment on Path, simply flip the switch to Facebook and we’ll post it right on your Facebook Wall for the world to see.

More Personal Moments with Lenses
Now with more than 3 million shared moments on Path, we want to help make every moment more personal. Every moment more, you. Especially now that you can share your moments on Facebook as well.

With that in mind, today we are happy to announce Path Lenses and Path Premium Lenses. A magical new way to style your photos AND videos in real-time as you capture a moment.  Think of Path Lenses as your own personal lenses for your iPhone.

Starting today you can use Pro, Ansel, Instant, and Diana Lenses for free.

Premium Lenses are available for $0.99 each, starting with Old Time, The Grid, and 8-Bit.

We’ll be hand crafting new Lenses and releasing them as time goes on. We’re excited to help you make your moments better, and we hope that your moments are more personal than ever before.

Keep Up To Date with Activity
Over the last few months we’ve added lots of new ways to see the reactions from your friends through both Emotion and Comments, in addition to Seen It. Today, we’re releasing the all new Path Activity feature. Which, gives you a real-time view into the reactions of your friends on every photo that you update. Making it easier than ever before to know that your moments made your friends smile, laugh, frown, gasp, or love. Or, to just see which of your friends are just stopping by to take a look.

Path Activity is the most personal activity feed we’ve ever seen. We love it, and we hope you do too.

Find Close Friends with FriendRank

We’ve also heard from you loud and clear that the process of finding and connecting with your close friends could be made easier. Today, for new and existing users we’re rolling out an all new friend recommendation service we lovingly call FriendRank.  

When new users join Path, after connecting witih Facebook, the FriendRank algorithm looks at your activity on Facebook and magically guesses at who we think are your top 5 friends. For existing users, we’ll use this same service to power the recommendations at the bottom of the all-new Friends tab.

We hope this makes it easier than ever before to connect with your close friends and family on Path.

Special thanks to Elena Abrams for her beautiful sunflower photo which we are using for each Path lense icon.

Path 1.5 is available in the App Store here. Enjoy.