Path Stories: One Year Later

“I joined Path a little over a year ago and immediately became a huge evangelist, cheerleader and addict. My only complaint was that the people closest to me weren’t using it. I solved that problem last Christmas by buying iOS devices for my two brothers, my mother, my father, and my wife. Presto! Problem solved. Right away everyone loved using Path, which was no coincidence – I actually stipulated in their Christmas cards that they all had to immediately download Path.

It’s almost Christmas time again, and like every Christmas for the better part of the past decade, my family will be spending it apart. Actually, we’ll be even farther apart than usual this year. One of my brothers, Luke, is currently travelling in South East Asia. I believe he’s in Bali right now – at least, that’s where he was the last time that he was able to find a Wi-Fi hotspot and post a few pictures on Path.

My stepsister Sara and her husband have recently joined Path too. She was pregnant a few months ago and I may or may not have strategically suggested that they install Path a few days before her due date. Having Path as a family meant that we were all able to join them in the hospital in the hours leading up to the birth of their baby boy, Nolan, and in the amazing moments that followed his glorious entrance into the world! She has now become one of my most prolific posting Path friends.

Simply put, our lives have become better because of Path. We all enjoy commenting on, and smiling at, the most recent happenings in our relatively small, and rather spread out, but nonetheless super-close family. My Mom actually only uses her iPod for Path and Scrabble! I’m just so glad that my family has latched onto Path the way that they have. It warms my heart just seeing that they have “seen” what I’ve been up to, and being able to share special moments together as a family, no matter how far apart we may be.” Ben Welland, Ottawa Wedding Photographer