Life in Landscape: Path has come to iPad

We are excited to announce that today Path has come to the iPad and the all-new iPad mini. We have reimagined the experience of Path to be uniquely optimized for this platform. 

Life in Landscape
See the day on one screen and swipe to see previous days. See the check-ins and arrival moments of each day on a single map. Path in landscape-view is the best way to catch up with your family and friends, revisit days and the moments that made them special.

Living Large
iPad allows for larger moments that show more. For example, view a friend’s book moment in full-screen and see the cover enlarged, your friends’ comments, and the faces of every person who’s seen it. You’ll also read a description of the story and see a list of friends who have read it too.


Improved Navigation
The home screen displays more – alongside your home feed, see recent activity and your friends list. Now visiting a friend’s Path or a full-screen view of a moment with recent activity takes just one tap.

More of Your Family and Friends on Path
Being on iPad means Path is available to more people now. Maybe you are one of those people. Or maybe you can share with a few more of your family members and friends. Now you can show your grandmother the inside of your apartment, and she can show you the cinnamon coffee cake she just pulled out of the oven.

So kick back at the end of your day and check up on the people you love, on Path for iPad. 

You can download it here