Path Stories: Forging New Lives, Together

My dear friend Lynsay is someone whom you imagine little birds help get dressed in the morning. Not just because she has a singing voice with Joni Mitchell range, or an enormous set of Disney princess blue eyes, or hails from the tiny island of Shetland, Scotland (where the miniature ponies come from). She is, simply, the most thoughtful person you could ever have the happy fortune of knowing.

Suffice it to say that when she packed up and moved literally across the world to the wilds of New Zealand with her lovely boyfriend Tobi, I was more than a little upset. It seemed a very real possibility that we would eventually become strangers. Until Path.

I received the following (unprompted) message this morning: “I’m writing a wee email to you to say hello and touch base, as well as include a personal review of Path. There have been little things every day that pop up that I have always forgotten to write down! But I am sitting having a cup of tea and you just smiled at my music moment on Path and I had to write something, finally.

“I am approximately 11,388 miles away from home. I am separated from my friends and family not only by distance but also by time. I have been a member of Path for six months now and it has really changed my experience of being so far from home for the better. Anyone who knows me will tell you that I am somewhat ‘technologically elusive’. Path is different. I don’t feel that I need to quickly reply, or remember to write a status, or think carefully about a comment. I found something special with Path. It feels genuine and it feels like me. I’ve got all my best friends in my pocket and have even managed to get my family members to climb on in there as well.

“Life for me is about the relationships and connections that we make. Path is the perfect way to cultivate those relationships whether you are far apart or sitting in the same room as each other. Every day I take a photo, something that I did not do before I had Path. I am learning how to share and put myself out there for the world to see, and Path has been an intimate, safe way for me to gently ease into this. I am a shy creative, but Path has brought me out of my shell. I share ideas, pictures, moments, words and music.  I’ve added new friends and kept up with old ones.  I am miles away from a world that I knew. and now I’m creating a new exciting world. I am on an adventure that I am able to share with the people I love.”

It is such an inspiring treat for me to hear about what Path provides for Lynsay. I get a daily glimpse into life in Palmerston North, an area that inhabits some of the most stunning natural scenery I’ve ever seen. I get to see inside Lynsay and Tobi’s favorite little coffeehouse. I get to watch them play Monopoly on rainy nights, and feed ducks on Sundays. I get to watch them build a new life together. Path has made this possible.                                                                                                                                                                                                                           image