Through the Path Lens: Food

In first thinking about helpful hints for enhancing photo moments, I kept returning to a subject that connects us at Path HQ maybe most of all: food. Taking full advantage of San Francisco’s diverse and vine-ripened offerings, from our morning latte art to our taco truck lunch to our sushi dinner, we snap, journal and share every edible moment of our days (a sample of which are below). More than sheer deliciousness, though, the motivation to exchange these culinary adventures comes from our common belief in the bonding power of sitting down to a great meal with great company.

Here are some tips for ensuring that your moments look (almost) as good as they taste.

The most important aspect to consider in food photography is lighting. As food is (for the most part) a natural element, it looks best under as much organic sunlight as possible.

Produce at the farmer’s market, lazy weekend brunches and late-afternoon picnics are ideal choices for food snapping as soft morning and early evening light casts a warm, glowy effect.

If dining inside, stay away from the overhead bulbs and sit as close to a window as possible. Use Glo to boost textures that get lost in shadows. The camera flash is the enemy of appetizing pictures, however, as it drains color and makes food appear garish.

In terms of aesthetics, not all food is created equal. To make a less attractive dish look palatable, sprinkle a handful green herbs on top, or accent with a colorful garnish.

If dining out, stand up to snap a full overhead perspective of the table. Colorful dishes, textured flatware or the grainy wood of a tabletop can provide visual interest to an otherwise bland looking order.

Sometimes it is the gooey, crunchy, or crisp details of a dish that make it look so appealing. A fist, overturned glass or other stationary object used as a makeshift tripod can do wonders for stabilizing your shutter and capturing those tantalizing textures.

Most importantly, whether on a park bench or at a bistro table, find truly excellent company to dine with. No matter how delicious a meal, the best part is always sharing it. So share it on Path!

Recommended Lenses: Pro, Instant, Luma
Recommended Effects: Glo
                                                 -Nell Frabotta, User Relations