Counting Sheep with Path Data Science

The average person spends roughly a third of their life asleep. Path, the journal of your life, would be incomplete without a way to track those quiet hours. So we’ve taken a closer look.

According to Hyun Hor and Mehdi Tafti at Université de Lausanne in Switzerland (2009), the amount of sleep that an individual needs ranges from 6 to 9 hours per night. But what is needed and what is achieved can be two very different things. Take a look at what we found:

Women sleep slightly more than men, going to sleep about 20 minutes earlier than their male counterparts.

The older you get, the less you sleep. Also older people tend to go to sleep (and wake up) earlier. College-age students tend to clock in particularly late, going to sleep close to 1 in the morning and not waking up until after 9 (no wonder my early morning classes were so empty).

On the whole, Path users are night owls, typically going to bed sometime after midnight. But there can be big differences depending on where you check in the night before or the day after you log your sleep. Those who frequent the gym tend to go to sleep well over an hour before those who check in at bars and other nightlife spots. Similarly, those who check in at the office wake up 35 minutes earlier than those checking in at college.

There’s one major exception to late sleeping, and that’s athletes! Path users who are logging their runs are the one group we found that typically goes to sleep before midnight and wakes up as early as 7:18 in the morning.

How about you? Are you getting enough sleep? And when do you log it? Every night or only those nights when you are out late with your friends, or when you are traveling?

-Alessandro Gagliardi (data) and Jake Mix (design)

Click to view the full infographic.