Kelley O’Hara: A Gold Medalist on Path

Olympians seem superhuman. They have dinner plate-sized hands, sledgehammer six-packs, and mingle with world leaders and celebrities. Michael Phelps keeps 15 gold medals in his sock drawer. It’s understandably hard to relate to the guy when all we’ve got in ours are socks.

But the games are over, and for the most part, life returns to normal for these people, amazing as they are. They are home again, with their family and friends.

Kelley O’Hara is one such Olympian. She just won a gold with the US Women’s Soccer team. And yesterday she returned to her apartment in San Francisco, unpacked her bags, and put her gold medal in her sock drawer. How do I know that? Because it’s my sock drawer too. Kelley is my roommate and one of my best friends. We share clothes and advice and ice cream cartons, and we also share on Path.

Kelley checked in, shared her thoughts, took photos and videos, and her family and closest friends got to emote and add embarrassingly enthusiastic comments on every moment. Her parents and brother and sister, who traveled to the games, were able to show her their pre-game support with photos when Kelley couldn’t be with them in the stands.

Kelley has 44,000 followers on Twitter. She has some ad campaigns and a lot of free cleats. The girl’s a big deal and people know what she’s up to. But only Path lets a few of us be close enough to her to hear the crowds, to feel tempted to tug on adorable Sydney Leroux’s braid in the huddle.

There are extraordinary people that accomplish extraordinary things. But what is more important, even than winning the gold? Loved ones to share it with. And this, I believe, is the magic of Path. 

- Leigh Lucas, Path