Share more moments, see more moments: Path 2.5

Your best friend, your brother, your godparents. These are the people you want to share life’s moments with. It’s why we’re so excited to announce today’s release – full of features that help you be closer to loved ones, despite busy lives, long distances, and time apart.

Snap away.
With Path 2.5, you can better share and view photos and videos. Photos now span the full width of the screen in your Path home feed, new filters make your snapshots even more memorable, and you can even quickly snap a photo with the touch of the volume button. A single tap on the photo screen begins video recording so you won’t risk missing the moment.

Movie buffs and bookworms, rejoice!
Now you can share the movie you snuggled in front of or the book you are beginning to read, just like you’ve been able to do with music. Get access to movie reviews and actor and author info right from your Path. It’s our hope that these additions to Path allow you to watch and read what your friends are watching and reading.

A little help from (and for) your friends.
We also want you to be able to see more of the lives of your loved ones. Want to know what your friend is up to in a new city? Just ask them with our Nudge feature. Still feeling benevolent? Suggest people for your friends and family members to connect to.  And invitations on Path are even more personal – you can record and send a voice message: “Join Path, mama!” “Start sharing with me cuz’!” You get the idea. We’ll let you put your own spin on it.

Path 101.
Finally, for brand new Path users, welcome! We’ve streamlined the process of getting you started. A short tour helps you begin posting moments to Path and connecting with your family and closest friends. You’ll be up and running in no time.

Share more of who you are. See more of your family and friends. This is Path 2.5.

We find joy in bringing you more of the aspects of Path that you’ve told us you love. We hope you enjoy Path 2.5 as much as we enjoyed building it for you. Get it for Android or your iPhone

P.S. Android fans, we’ve taken special care to design you a brand new experience. Let us know what you think.