Celebrating the 4th on Path

Parades. Barbecues. Red, White, and Blue. Path truly lit up on 4th of July. No surprise, you spent the day with your family (and those who might as well be family). Some interesting trends we noticed:

You were celebrating with friends! In fact, you tagged who you were with 55% more often than a typical weekday. You wrote about it too, calling out friends and family members in posts twice as often than a typical weekday.

Patriotism was at an all-time high. Yesterday, the phrase “happy 4th” appeared thousands of times on Path. And words like “America” and “USA” were used 600% more often than usual. California, Texas and New York win our most patriotic states award, with “happy 4th” being said there more than anywhere else.

You were chowing down, with a 650% increase in BBQs yesterday compared to the rest of the summer so far. And, no surprise, “fireworks” were the big winner, with a whopping 11,000% increase in mentions.

The 4th is a celebration of American independence. We all know that. But more than 200 years later, what does it really mean to us? At its best, the 4th is about family, sincerity, patriotism, and something bigger than ourselves.

Here’s your challenge. Let the spirit of togetherness live on throughout the year. Start with those closest to you. Remind your loved ones who they are. You already told them, Happy 4th! So how about, I wish you were here! Or I love you!

Go ahead, you can do it on Path.