Making it count: Nike+ FuelBand meets Path

Everyone’s an athlete. But some of us are more consistent than others. Maybe your not-so-new sneakers still have that new-shoe smell. And that gym membership? Life is busy! Not everyone can squeeze in a workout every day. But there are things unique to each of us that keep us healthy and moving.

Maybe you dance in front of the pot on the stove. Maybe you carry your groceries in that little basket thingy instead of using a shopping cart. Maybe you sprint to the bus stop every morning. Because you like to be “punctual.” (Not “late.” Obviously.)

The new Nike+ FuelBand is all about you. You wear it on your wrist and it measures your daily activity and converts it into a NikeFuel score, whether your activity is a sport or just your busy life. You set a goal, and your Nike+ FuelBand helps you track it and achieve it. Starting today, the Nike+ FuelBand integrates with Path so the people who care about you can help you meet that NikeFuel score goal. At the end of your day, you will see a graph of progress against your goal and the Path moments that contributed to your progress. Learn more about Nike+ FuelBand.

And there’s more great news. Over the past few months, users like you have been tracking their runs on Path with help from the Nike+ Running app. You’re sharing these runs with family and close friends. You’re running more often, further, and faster. So what’s the great news? Now the Nike+ Running app is free. Get it for your iPhone or iPod and hook up your Path today.

Living healthier is the first step to living happier. And your friends and family on Path can help. Consider this your invitation to dance, jump, wiggle, walk, shimmy, or shuffle. Life is a sport. Make it count.