Path now speaks 7 more languages!

At Path, we talk a lot about the home. Home is where your family and close friends gather to spend time together, to laugh, to play, to relax. And while some of you may speak one language away from home, you may speak a different or even native language in it. That’s why we want to make it possible to use Path in the language most comfortable for you.

We are excited to announce seven new languages available on Path: Dutch, Norwegian, Traditional Chinese, Thai, Bahasa Indonesian, Malay, and UK English. That’s in addition to the nine that were already available: Spanish, Italian, German, Portuguese, French, Swedish, Simplified Chinese, Japanese, and Korean. By our math, that’s 16 languages in all!


We didn’t do this ourselves. People like you helped by dedicating their skills and time to help us translate. We are still a small team here in San Francisco, so we reached out to you to ask for help in translating and localizing Path. These international versions are a work in progress, so if you would like to help us continue to improve translations, we would be very grateful.

Merci! شكرا لك! Terima kasih! Grazie! Thank you!