Moments on Path: Memories of Snow

“This particular moment was so wonderful because it was such a great surprise, as the forecast that day had called for only a very light dusting. I was stuck inside at the library with my girlfriend, Kate, and although we were busy, I decided to drag her away from studying to venture outside. 

We’re students at the University of Virginia, and the place to be whenever anything is going on is The Lawn, the quad on central grounds that Thomas Jefferson himself helped design. There we saw people making snowmen, posing for pictures, and having snowball fights. 
I love the snow, and I also love taking pictures, and for me, Path has become the primary way I take and share photos. Kate, my lovely lady, is from Atlanta, and so especially for her, snowfall is a rare wonder. 

We trudged through the fresh powder in the gardens where we made our own footprints in the untouched snow. I went to take pictures of the ethereal looking trees while Kate tried her hand at making a snowman. It took us awhile to find good branches for the arms, but we finished it, and I took a knee to capture the moment. Behind her 
is the Rotunda, the University’s original library. It’s a majestic building at any time, but with the first real snow of the season settled on it like this, it was quite a spectacle.”    

-Ben, Virginia