Path Stories: From Hundreds of Miles Away

"This weekend was very special. In one afternoon, I was able to see updates from close friends in five different states and eight different cities! Pictures of my niece in South Carolina, and friends playing with their dog on the beach in North Carolina. Another friend was driving to West Virginia to visit family, and she kept us updated with her favorite songs on the trip. I even got to cheer on my friend during his run while he’s training for a marathon.

Since my brother and I have moved to different cities, I don’t get to see my nieces as much anymore. Sure, we use Apple’s FaceTime about once a month, but I’m not there to see them grow up. With Path, my brother is able to pull out his iPhone, take snapshots of his girls, and put the phone back in his pocket. He’s able to quickly capture and share those moments without having to take time away from spending it with his kids. Though I’m several hundred miles away from them, I still feel like I’m there experiencing those moments.” -Kacy, North Carolina

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