Path Stories: Mother’s Day Edition

"Path was the missing link between me and my mother. I left Paris two years ago to come to Silicon Valley. I’ve lived abroad before in London and Berlin, but never this far. My mother is the person I used to interact with the most on a daily basis. Of course she was excited about the opportunity for me to live and work in San Francisco, but she also knew that it meant saying goodbye to our daily chats and laughter.

We promised we would email and call a lot, that we’d use Skype or Facetime all the time. But it didn’t happen. Life and intimate interactions are more spontaneous and can’t be scheduled during a Skype call in the morning for me and late at night for her, or sent through an email you are too tired to write after coming home late from work.

Then, a few weeks ago, my mom sent me a text saying: ‘Axelle, I have an iPhone! We can text and Facetime.’  But my first response was, ‘Congrats! Now go to the App Store, search for ‘Path’ and download it now.’ ‘What is Path?’, she asked.  ’You will be able to follow my life here and how I am doing. You’ll see, download it!’ Five minutes later, she signed up. Thanks to Path’s simplicity, she was engaging all of the features immediately. She checked in at our countryside house, uploaded photos of our dogs, her gardening, her knitting project.

For me, Path is where I share for real. Path is where I do not curate myself to look like what other people expect. I am just me, the person my real friends and family know. For my mom, it’s just the app. she opens every morning to see how I’m doing. Sometimes, I wait for her to wake up on Path just so I can heart it before going to bed. Like any mother, she knows if I am okay just by seeing a current picture or a funny thought. Those are the kind of moments in your life you want your mother to see. Because, when you are far, your parents want to know not only what you are doing, but that you are happy. That’s what Path provides for us.” -Axelle

To Marie and all of the other wonderful mothers, Happy Mother’s Day!