Extraordinary Moments

It’s the surprise of fresh snow, a reunion of great friends, that song that accompanied the cross-country road trip. The moments in life that you want to preserve and remember, some of these are moments you have posted on Path. A number of you have found ways to reach out and share these moments with us, and we have been moved and humbled by your initiative.

You have inspired us to make a call to the rest of you who also may be interested in sharing.

Only you know what Path means to you. Only you know the most poignant, pivotal and extraordinary moments you have captured. What was it about this moment in your life that made you want to preserve it?

Send us the story of your favorite Path moment to moments@path.com. If it is a photo or video, feel free to attach it to your email. With your permission, we will feature some of these on our blog so that the world can experience them too. We thank you in advance for sharing, and thank you for using Path.