Lenses. Now on Android!

We love photography here at Path. It’s the most simple and expressive way to capture a moment, so it’s always been an important part of what we do.

For almost a year now, Path for iOS has had a wonderful assortment of free photo filters that we call Lenses. We call them Lenses because when you turn one on, your phone’s camera comes to life — you’re instantly peering through the filter, like you do through the lens of a camera. You are able to see your beautifully filtered high-quality picture before or after you take your photo.

For those of you using Path for Android, Lenses have not been a part of your experience. Until now.

We’re beyond excited to share with you the product of many hours of hard work from the wonderful Android team here at Path. With Path 2.1.5 on a supported Android phone (2.3.3 and above), you can now take photos using Path’s lovely assortment of Lenses — Pro, Ansel, Instant, Diana, Lomo, Country and Lake!

Lenses will allow you to better capture the moment — to add the sentiment and the personality that you want to remember and share.

Well, that’s all for now. Much more to come. Be sure to grab Path 2.1.5 on your Android phone from Google Play and enjoy.