Path + Nike: Share life, and make it count.

Your alarm goes off at six a.m. It’s a good day for a run, so you tie your laces and step out the door. The first steps work out the morning stiffness but you start to hit your stride, and soon you’ve reached your route’s first hill. Your legs are beginning an early burn. Then through your earphones comes a welcome sound. It’s your dad, your sister, your best friend––they’re sending cheers your way. Because this morning, the moment your shoes hit the pavement, they saw you start your run on Path. They’re supporting you each step, from across the city, across the country, across the globe. You sprint the hill. With their help, you make it count.

This is the story of your morning run. It’s an important part of your day; it’s how you stay fit and healthy and happy. Now with Path 2.1, you can record and share it on Path.

From the routine to the extraordinary, there are countless special moments in your day to share with the people you love. We want to help you journal all of them in your Path. To do this, we’ve built the first version of the Path API to enable you to include stories from your other favorite mobile apps. After all, the story of your life is reflected in the apps you use every day.

We are delighted to announce Nike as the first Path API partner. Starting today, you can connect Nike+ GPS to Path to share your runs, in real time, with your family and close friends.


The completion of your workout automatically creates a beautiful Running Story in your Path––a map of your route dotted with pictures of those who cheered you on along the way. You can see your best pace, mile markers, your time and distance. Whether you run marathons or run for the morning paper, you can keep a journal of it on Path, track your habits and set goals with the support of the people you love.

Running is just the start. Nike is pioneering an entirely new way to integrate activity and sport in your everyday life. In the next few weeks, you will be able to connect the revolutionary NIKE+ FuelBand to your Path to journal your daily activity. We can’t wait to share it with you; stay tuned.

For more information about the Path and Nike+ GPS integration you can visit:

We’ve also taken time with 2.1 to improve two popular Path stories: Music and Photos. To Music, we’ve added what we call Music Match, a single button you can tap to record and recognize the music playing around you, so even an unfamiliar song in a coffee shop or a newly released track playing at a friend’s house can be remembered and shared easily with the ones you love on Path. For Photos we’ve worked hard to refine each of our free lenses, and we’ve also added a new comic book-inspired lens called Pow. Camera previews are now high-definition, and a new advanced feature that separates focus and exposure points will help you take beautiful photos, even in the trickiest lighting situations.

It’s our hope that you can use Running, Photo and Music Stories to better share life with the people you love. We hope you enjoy Path 2.1.


If you’re interested in our API, please let us know here.