Simplifying Life One Question at a Time

Last week we announced the launch of a new messaging super-power: Path Talk Places. Places puts the power of a personal assistant in the palm of your hand and helps you save time to get things done.

Sometimes texting is simply easier than calling. Whether you are crammed into a bus, “paying attention” in a meeting, or simply not in the mood to wait on hold, it’s great to know that Path Agents can make the phone call for you.

We love hearing about your experiences with Places and we’ve been humbled by the great feedback we’ve gotten. Here are some of the most popular topics discussed on Places (with a few of our favorite real-life threads shared by you). We hope they inspire you to give our new Path Talk feature a try!

Checking in on products


Checking out the local menu and making reservations


Placing to-go orders


Getting information not available online


What will you ask Places today? Let us know on Twitter by using #TalktoPlaces

We try not to take ourselves too seriously at Path, and we enjoy a good laugh. To that tune, our very own Landon Spear participated in Cultivated Wit's Comedy Hack Day SF (we are big fans of Bartunde Thurston & crew) last week. Along with the team of Kelly Anneken, Katie Conforti, Kevin Burrows, Brian Carroll, Kevin Foley, and Brad Gottesman - they won second place for their innovative app for giving and getting high fives anywhere: High Fyve. Have a laugh and enjoy!

Monocle 24: The Entrepreneurs with Path Co-Founder & CEO Dave Morin

Our friends from Monocle were in town last week from London, so we sat down to talk the past, present, and future of Path and our newest release Path Talk on Monocle 24.

Now in Path Talk: Message People and Places in One App

At Path we have one mission: through technology and design we aim to be a source of happiness, meaning, and connection. We do what we do so that you might be a little closer to what you care about most.

Earlier this summer we re-imagined what messaging meant in the context of Path and introduced Path Talk— a messaging app that makes communicating with the people you care about— be it close friends, family, classmates, or coworkers— smarter, more simple, more fun, and ultimately more personal.

We’re thrilled to announce Path Talk 1.1, with the goal of giving you a new super-power: putting the power of a personal assistant in the palm of your hand. It’s called Places, and it lets you interact with any local business. No phone call needed.

Places gives you the power to message your favorite local businesses to request appointments, make reservations, or even check out prices and hours. It’s all by text. And it’s all for free.


Getting answers from a local business is now as easy as texting a friend. Search for Places like your hair salon, favorite sporting store, or the new restaurant down the street. Then send a message asking for anything— a haircut appointment, availability of running shoes in your size, or reservations for 2 at 8PM. 

Once you send your message, one of our Path Agents will make the phone call on your behalf, doing all the talking for you. And when they get the response, they’ll immediately text you back with the answer or booking. You’ll never have to wait on hold again.


We built Places to help you save time and get things done— giving you more freedom to focus on things that matter to you. Our intention is that it brings you happiness and a more meaningful, personal connection with the local businesses that are a big part of your life, too.

After months of hard work, we’re thrilled to get Places into your hands. We have big ideas for how to make messaging people and places even more simple and more personal, and we’re excited to see where the possibilities take us. From now on it’s not just about who you can message, but what you can message.

Path Talk Places is available today for both Android and iOS in the U.S. and Canada.


The Path Team

Path at TechCrunch Disrupt

A Fireside Chat about the Future of Path with Co-Founder & CEO Dave Morin


We had the opportunity to do a fireside chat with TechCrunch Co-Editor, Matthew Panzarino at TechCrunch Disrupt this week, below you will find a transcript. You can watch the full video here.

TechCrunch: I don’t think there’s a company, other than Path, out there that we get more anonymous tips about and obsession about at TechCrunch. I don’t know why that is. We get a lot of people talking about the company and it seems even from the day it was started, people seemed to like the product. It was very attractive and well designed. A lot of the chatter about it seemed to be about the company itself. Why do you think that is?

Dave Morin: I don’t know. I think that we’ve been through a lot of ups and downs. We set out to create a company focused on quality and trying to really delight users with new and interesting experiences. Along the way, we’ve had some successes. We’ve had some failures. All we can really do is keep going.

A big part of the entrepreneurial process is just staying in it and continuing to move forward. So I think that’s a big part of it.

TechCrunch: So how is Path doing? How would you judge it today? Is it a failure? Is it a success? Somewhere in between?

Dave Morin: Well, as a company I think we’re doing better than we ever have. We’re just about to 5 million daily active users.

TechCrunch: That’s up from 4 million in June?

Dave Morin: Yes. We just launched a new messaging experience. We’ve shifted our strategy. Path started off as a single application focused very much on private, personal, social networking. Over time we’ve now expanded to be doing more than one application.

We’re very much now a company serving multiple products. Those products have found audiences in different parts of the world. Some of them we expected, and some of them that we didn’t.

TechCrunch: I’m guessing some you didn’t may be Indonesia? Right? Path is very large in Indonesia.

Dave Morin: Yeah.

TechCrunch: How did that come about?

Dave Morin: It’s been a real delight and something that’s been really fun to learn for our team. We started out with really high expectations of what we might be able to accomplish in the U.S. market. Have we met those expectations of ourselves? Probably not, but we do have this audience of 5 million people that are using it. Not just in the U.S. but globally.

Indonesia is one of our biggest countries. It’s been a really interesting thing to learn. It’s a massively growing mobile market. Some numbers put it as the fastest growing mobile market in the world. There’s going to be about maybe a hundred million new smart phones going into Indonesia over the next 12 months.

It’s been a fascinating thing to learn. We’ve got a vibrant and very happy community. Like I said, our mission has always been to really delight users and make them happy through the experiences that we create. Having millions of people in a country that size is something that we’re pretty proud of.

TechCrunch: The Southeast Asian market is relatively crowded with other messaging apps. We’ve got WeChat in several other countries. You’ve got KakaoTalk and Line. How do you think Path Talk is going to wedge itself into that market? To create a new little niche for itself when there’s so much competition already barreling forward at rates that surprise all of us?

Dave Morin: I think it’s a really surprising and interesting thing that messaging has become such a focus. I remember back when the web became a huge focus in 2004. A lot of really smart people were spending a lot of time focusing on building apps for the web at the time. It seems messaging has become one of the most exciting places right now.

For us, the reason we launched the messaging experience in the first place was that it was our fastest growing feature in our core user base. In Asia, messaging was one of our fastest growing features. Our users kept saying to us “Could you please reduce the friction? Could you please enable me to get into it without three taps?” Three taps on mobile can be a lot. So we broke it out into it’s own app.

Messaging in that region, for us, is top 5 in both app stores. We’re seeing really strong growth. We have over a million DAU using the messaging experience. We’re seeing strong growth in our core markets.

As far as the U.S. goes, we’ve been really lucky, we had an opportunity to acquire a company called TalkTo which really adds a new superpower to messaging. The way we think about messaging in the future is that it’s not going to be just about who you can message, but what you can message. TalkTo, as a service, has been completely integrated now into Path Talk, and will be launching as a part of our next release.

It’s really cool. It enables you to text message any business in your life. Whether that’s a restaurant, or a local store, or even a big box retailer you might be interested in sending a text message to, we actually have agents on the back end that receive the message, pick up the phone and then call the business, and get you the information and bring it back to you in under five minutes.

We think that’s a really exciting and really differentiated way of thinking about messaging.

TechCrunch: TalkTo is obviously a U.S. business. That’s the way you see Path Talk attacking the U.S.

Dave Morin: Yes.

TechCrunch: Do you have plans to attack the, I don’t mean attack, but place itself in the market strongly, with efforts like Line and WeChat, that have built marketplaces for other apps that use this connect service to create this cyclical marketplace?

Dave Morin: The market in Asia is very fragmented. There is fierce competition from companies like Line in Japan, and Kakao in Korea, then in China WeChat is the big player. We’ve really developed a very strong presence in the Indonesian and Southeast Asian market in general.

Our focus is really on that market and what can we do to improve the experience, expand the offering, serve more use cases for our users there. That maps to this strategy that I’m talking about where instead of focusing just on one app, we’ve really moved to this multi-app strategy for that core base of users.

That is our competitive strategy for that market. Given the growth that we’re seeing, we’re pretty happy with it so far.

TechCrunch: So more apps versus more bloated single app?

Dave Morin: Yes. We think that apps are new features. In mobile it’s become clear that users really love having single use case experiences. They want low friction to get into the app, to use the core functionality. We’ve really thought of it as a shift to where we have this core platform: we have identity, the ability to log in, the social graph, and the ability to distribute applications at a reasonably large scale. What are core problems that users have in that market that we can help to solve?

That market is a very different market than the one we see all around us. For us it’s been very much a learning experience to learn what are some of those problems we can solve. How can we bring them the experiences that they want in a unique way? That’s really the way we look at it.

TechCrunch: I noticed you were at the Apple event yesterday right?

Dave Morin: Yes.

TechCrunch: What did you think? What did you think of the watch for instance?

Dave Morin: I think that it’s an amazing idea that they focused on a watch. Taking the watch and making it something more. It’s this really old technology, telling time was one of the original technologies. We’ve all worn watches for a long time and there’s been some recent innovations around wearables and these types of things.

They nailed the personalization aspect. Right? This is one of those pieces of technology that you want to be very personal. You want it to be the colors that you like, and to be a part of you. They really nailed that there needed to be two different sizes so that it would work for different people. I think the thing that they nailed more than anything is the software.

One of the things I think people forget about Apple is their deep experience in operating systems. I think they get a lot of feedback around their lack of focus on software, but I think that their operating system experience is pretty extraordinary. From what I saw yesterday I think that the experience, the OS, the way that the applications manifest themselves, and the idea that the crown of the watch can be a new kind of interface is really insightful, and I think, going to provide a really neat experience for everyone.

TechCrunch: It seems like some of the social aspects of what they were showing off, with communicating back and forth between two watches is an interesting thing. You can correct me if I’m wrong. I don’t want to put words in your mouth, but the original concept with Path was going against the grain of social media as performance art. Right?

You want to be able to share some things that feel honest with people. At least it was some of the original intent to put a timeline and a small group of friends, that type of thing.

Dave Morin: Yes.

TechCrunch: It seems like this watch would play into roughly the same territory of creating units of friends, groups of people that you can make it without broadcasting it to everybody.

Do you have plans for a Path app for the watch?

Dave Morin: Absolutely. From what I understand, having looked at it yesterday, your baseline notifications that you’re already doing just work. It’s not too much work to get the initial experience going. From what they presented in the keynote yesterday about WatchKit, I’ve only had 24 hours to think about it, it seems like building for the UI is relatively straightforward.

Putting together a neat experience would be pretty great. I think that the really neat thing that Apple uniquely has the ability to do is, they make technology. They make operating systems, hardware. Being able to deliver on something like sending your heartbeat from one watch to the other, that’s pretty profound and an amazing way to think about communication.

I think what they’re doing is sort of pointing the way forward. We’ve always believed in the value of alternatives, the value of private sharing, the value of providing alternative social experiences. I think that what they’re showing us is more what the future is going to look like than perhaps anybody else in the game right now.

TechCrunch: Are you getting acquired by Apple?

Dave Morin: We don’t comment on rumor or speculation.

TechCrunch: That’s fair enough I guess, but that’s not a direct no though either.

Dave Morin: We don’t comment.

TechCrunch: Okay. Just checking.

If you had to introduce a new future set to Path, something that would add onto the existing capabilities, or perhaps, as you mentioned, separate it out, that would create a resurgence in users in the U.S., what would it be?

Dave Morin: Our focus right now is on this next release, integrating in the TalkTo experience, providing this personal assistant like functionality to you, to save you time, to make it so you don’t ever have to sit on hold again, just like you text message your family and your friends you should be able to text message the businesses in your life.

We think that that’s really interesting and something that will be a new kind of superpower for users of messaging in the U.S. We’ve also got more apps coming down the pipeline and we’re excited about those. We don’t like talking about the future, we like to save those for launch day.

TechCrunch: Let’s say, for instance, just to clarify this on the TalkTo thing, I tried to call T-Mobile and get some data added to this iPod because I had a issue with it, and I couldn’t because I called them and spent 20 minutes on the phone talking to them and they insisted that my email, blah, blah, blah. You don’t need to hear the story. It’s boring. But instead I could text them and an agent would call with my question and get an answer for me and text me back?

Dave Morin: Yes. There’s some of those experiences that are more complicated than others. Where there is a process that requires differnet kinds of information. We’re good at some of them, we’re not good at others yet. But, the goal is to get to a world where whatever business, whatever size, you want to interact with, you can just do it through the messaging interface that everyone knows and loves worldwide.

TechCrunch: I have this weird, really stupid theory that the way the Internet was built by engineers and crafted over time to kind of never forget anything, that’s kind of informed how we communicate and how we host things online, social networks and that kind of thing.

What it has done is create this environment where you have this thing that will never forget anything. Everybody has treated that as normal, but I think it’s abnormal.

Dave Morin: Plus it’s all on the record.

TechCrunch: Yeah, exactly. But I think that that is kind of an abnormal behavior. It seems to me like Path is trying to satisfy that need, and we see newer apps like SnapChat and that kind of thing kind of servicing the same behavior.

Do you think that that is the future of the way we communicate on the web, as private, ephemeral, not permanent? Do you think that becomes the majority way?

Dave Morin: That’s pretty hard to call. I think it’s important. One of the design principles that we like to think about when we’re designing products is: how can you make something more like the real world? In the case of this next release of Path Talk, we have the TalkTo functionality coming. We’ve also improved our ephemerality features. Right now we only store your content on our servers for 24 hours then we delete it. The UI will reflect that in the next release.

The idea behind this is it’s about reflecting the real world. This conversation happens to be on the record, but most of our conversations in real life are not. Getting closer to that, I think, is definitely part of the future. Like we talked about with the Apple Watch, really what these communications experiences are trying to do is just get closer to real life, real emotions that we all communicate with in person. But, technology actually makes it really hard for you to communicate.

I think that selfies are really popular for the very same reason. Selfies are this extraordinary communications change in the way that we use technology to communicate. Really what it is is taking what’s old and making it new again. The face packs so much information and has so much of an ability to communicate more than just some words on a screen can. So you see a huge resurgence in that as well. I think all of this paints a picture of a future where our communications are more human, perhaps, than they’ve ever been.

TechCrunch: If you had to launch Path again today, would you do the same PR push that you did with the big SXSW parties and all that stuff, do you think that was the right decision? Really hyping it up and ramping it up at the beginning? Do you think it’s better to take a more organic approach to launching a product?

Dave Morin: I think that we learned a big lesson in this realm. I know I certainly learned a big lesson here. Products should speak for themselves, first. Marketing is something that supports that. Both product and marketing are hard to be good at. It’s hard to choose a product and a set of futures that’s differentiated and can stand out in a very competitive market.

How to communicate that is also a really often very hard thing to do sometimes. I think that we did some things right. Obviously we were able to get the word out and generate now 5 million people using what we built every day. The team is a really extraordinary team behind this.

But have we always marketed it as well as we could have? The answer is probably no. I think that all we can really do is take those lessons and really internalize them and think about them and try to approach it better going forward. I know that’s certainly been my approach and what we’re trying to do.

It’s one of the reasons why we’re really trying to let the products speak for themselves these days.

TechCrunch: The new iPhones came out, or were announced rather, yesterday. They have the new 6+. 18 hours of battery life. Do you think you can get rid of your night iPhone?

Dave Morin: Haha. You know, that joke was a extremely bad joke. If Dick Costolo is the best CEO comedian, I think I’m probably the worst CEO comedian.

TechCrunch: I think we can argue about Dick’s position.

Dave Morin: Maybe.

TechCrunch: All right. Cool. Well, thank you very much. I appreciate you taking the time to talk.

Dave Morin: Appreciate it.

Path + TalkTo


Today we’re excited to announce that TalkTo is joining the Path Team.

As we were building Path Talk, our vision expanded beyond thinking of messaging as just another way to send a photo or text. We wanted to go deeper, to think of messaging as not just a new and more personal way to communicate with the people in your life, but as a more personal way to communicate with everything in your life: including the places and things that are part of your every day. As we started to think about how to make this happen, we met Stuart and Riley and the team at TalkTo.

TalkTo is the pioneer in place messaging. A powerful new idea that puts a new superpower in the palm of your hands on your smartphone: the ability to send a text message to ANY place around you and get back a text message response in minutes.

Imagine a world where you never have to wait on hold again, and can spend more time with the people you love. Make dinner reservations, book hair appointments, get prices, hours, and check in-store product availability all without ever making a phone call. TalkTo makes this all possible.

How does this work? Don’t the places have to sign up? Therein lies the magic. TalkTo has spent years building software and a service team of TalkTo Agents, who work hard around the clock to get the answer to any question you ask of the places around you. They will pick up the phone and make a call on your behalf if necessary, wait on hold, get the answer, and text it back to you. Making it possible for you to message ANY place around you on day one.

As the Path and TalkTo teams continued the conversation, we both realized that we had a shared vision for creating more personal, meaningful conversations in your life - whether it is with your family and friends, or with the places and things around you - and that it only make sense to work together towards making this vision a reality.

Later this summer, the TalkTo service will be completely integrated as Place Messaging within Path Talk, making it your communication hub for the people, groups, and places in your life. All in one place. 

Co-Founder & CEO

Introducing Talk

There are few things more exciting for a small team than finally sharing many months of hard work—and today we get to do just that. We’re proud to introduce Talk, a new messenger from Path.

Early last year we introduced messaging as part of our social networking app, Path. Since then it has become our fastest growing feature. You have told us time and again how important messaging is to you, and so we’ve expanded Path messaging into its own app to be easier for you to use. We’ve also added some great features that we haven’t seen in another messaging product that we think will make it easier for you to communicate with your friends, family, classmates, and co-workers.


Our goal with Talk is to make a more personal messaging experience. We believe real life conversations aren’t recorded permanently, and so neither are the messages you send with Talk. We believe that messaging is all about the here and now, and so we’ve built a new kind of status into Talk we call Ambient Status.

Through Ambient Status, Talk can automatically let your friends know when you’re in transit, in the neighborhood, and even low on battery. We’ve pioneered this new kind of context to reduce misunderstandings in a world where messaging has become a primary method of communication.


Conversations in Talk have all the same great features that you’ve come to know and love in Path: text, groups, photos, voice, maps, music, movies, books, video, and stickers. And with Talk we’re expanding conversations with Quick Replies.

Use Quick Replies to nudge a friend, acknowledge a message, or start a call—all without ever using a keyboard. We’ve built Quick Replies right into Talk’s messages list too, so you can ping a friend with just a swipe.


Messaging is a way of communicating with everyone in your life. So we’ve built Talk to work great for you when communicating with anyone, whether you’re close friends, family, co-workers, classmates—Talk just works.


And this functionality carries over to the changes we’re unveiling in our sharing app Path as well. With this update we’re lifting the 150 friend limit to give you the freedom to decide who and how many are in your network. We’ve been testing this change with some passionate users for months and have found that, while most people still want to connect with just 50 friends, others may choose to add 500 (and use Inner Circle to share moments with just their closest of friends). We’re putting the controls in your hands.


Speaking of controls, Path has been redesigned to make sharing and navigating even simpler. We’ve taken the navigation out of drawers and placed it front-and-center on the bottom of your Path timeline. And even though Talk is now a separate app, it’s only a tap away.

Path Talk is available today for both Android and iOS. Whether it’s sharing memories on Path or living in the moment on Talk, we hope you enjoy.

- Dave, Dustin, and the whole Path Team

Path + Transformers: Stickers

Are you an Autobot or a Decepticon? Send your friends your favorite characters from the 1980s hit series Transformers by Hasbro. The sticker pack is now available for Early Access and will be available to everyone on June 10th in the Path Shop.


Path Stories: Living in the Moment

"I started using Path in July 2011. I was looking for a private way to log and share all the memorable details of my life - places I frequent, photos of things I find interesting, random thoughts that come up. Path was the perfect place for me to store all these little moments.

I only have one friend on Path, my wife. When we discovered Path, we were immediately drawn to the network because it’s so simple. There are just a few types of moments I use that allow us to log every little detail of our lives just with each other.

The moments on my Path are a mixture of photos of my children through the years and moments I capture when I travel for work. It’s amazing because my wife and I realized that we basically have a journal of our children’s lives over the past 3 years - we can see how much they’ve grown and changed all in one safe and private app.

My favorite thing about Path is that it’s about living in the moment. It’s not about writing on a wall, or writing a clever message for everybody to read. It’s a much more genuine experience than anything I’ve encountered on other social networks. I believe life is made up of all those small details we cherish, and now I have them all on Path.” - Hilario, Florida



Path + Star Trek: Stickers

Space: the final frontier. These are the stickers of the Starship Enterprise. Their mission: to boldly stick where no one has stuck before. We are delighted to bring you a Star Trek pack designed by Henrique Athayde, now available for Early Access in the Path Shop. The pack will be available to everyone on April 15th. 


Path Stories: Our Lives on Path

"I started using Path when 2.0 was released. It was a game changer—mobile centric, stunning design and a phenomenal user-experience.

Working in emerging social media technology and venture capital, I am continually testing new platforms and social networks. Path was the first place I felt comfortable sharing my life with those who mean the world to me. I told my wife, parents, sister, and my wife’s family, “If you want to be part of my digital life, then you need to be my friend on Path.” Very quickly Path became my go-to social graph.

What I love most about Path is that it mimics natural human behavior. It allows me to share specific experiences with individuals who matter to me, all through a lens of trust and privacy. Path isn’t the type of place where you share links (you know, the type of content we see in other social networks), and that is awesome—my stream is filled with meaningful and memorable moments!

Most of the moments I share are family, with some occasional nature and architecture thrown in. My parents live in Australia, and Path is one of their main connections to their grandchildren. When I am in the office, my wife shares pictures and videos of the kids. It always brightens my day! And I frequently use the emoticons and stickers in the comments. It’s another way Path mirrors who we are—sometimes a sticker or gasping face expresses the emotive reaction best.”- Michoel, New York



Path Stories: Searching for Love

We launched Search over a year ago to help you tell great stories. It’s for showing your friend those photos you’d taken at the beach or finding that awesome sushi place you’d gone to while on vacation.

Some of the most delightful experiences people have with Search aren’t when they look for something specific, but rather when they search a few days or months or years back and resurface small, yet meaningful moments. “Oh wow, I forgot about that!” is often what we hear people say.

This Valentine’s Day, we encourage you to be nostalgic. Search back through the past weeks, months, even years. You may rediscover some special moments you might’ve forgotten with friends and loved ones.

To get you started, here are a few searches to try: “my first moment”, “six months ago”, “Valentine’s Day”.

We leave you with this Search story from one of our Path users…

I started using Path when it first launched — that was 3 years and 2,335 moments ago. All together, those two thousand moments tell the story of my life in San Francisco, my journey becoming an entrepreneur, and most importantly, my relationship with my wife, Alex.

I had been using Path by myself, and with a few other friends. But when Path 2 launched, I forced Alex to get it. I thought it would be the perfect way to keep in touch with each other when we were apart. She joined and it took off; according to Path her first moment was on February 13th, 2011.

When Search launched, I noticed I could type in Alex’s name and see all the moments I had tagged her in and all the ones she’d shared. Looking back, I realized that we had documented every single one of our milestones over the past 3 years. And even though we’ve been together for almost 8 years at this point, during the time we’ve been on Path we’ve grown from girlfriend and boyfriend, to getting engaged, to Mr and Mrs. Perry.

Some of the moments we’ve shared are obvious favorites - our travels to Boston to visit her grandma, our wedding photos, signing our marriage license… But I discovered that the ones I enjoyed reliving the most were all the small dates and every day moments that we had quickly forgotten. I found photos of that game at Fenway, that time at the coffee shop - all these little instances that added up to something very special.

And that’s why I love Path. - Michael, California

Happy Valentine’s Day from the Path Team!

Stickers: XOXO and Valentine’s

You might already have flowers, a card and dinner planned, but don’t forget to stop by the Path Shop this Valentine’s day. To celebrate, both our XOXO and Valentine’s packs will be 50% off through Sunday, February 16th. 

Roses are red, violets are blue, and Patrícia Mafra has given us 26 ways to say “I love you” with her new XOXO pack.


Kissing frogs and slaying dragons - Zuza Miśko's new sticker couple sure has been busy. 


Path for iOS 7

We know, we’re a bit late to the party. But, today we are happy to announce Path for iOS 7. Focused on simplicity and usability - from an entirely new coat of paint, to adjusting your Settings, to browsing the Shop, to iOS 7 swipe gestures - we’ve made it simpler and easier to do the things you do every day with Path.

In Settings, you will find that we’ve simplified the more detailed controls into Account, Notifications and Sharing sections. In Account, you’ll be able to update your profile photo, cover photo, email and other personal information. In Notifications, you’ll be able to manage notifications for your Inner Circle and your Friends. In Sharing you can manage all of the networks you can post to from Path.

The Shop has been redesigned to showcase our premium stickers and filters in a more simplified way. You can browse premium stickers and filters or even upgrade to Path Premium by tapping on the buttons on the bottom navigation bar. To see all your purchased packs or restore your Shop items, you can tap on the Purchases button on the top right.

We’ve also included iOS 7 swipe functionality, which will allow you to quickly swipe from any messaging thread back home.

To download Path 3.4 now, visit the iTunes Store. Enjoy.

- Dave Morin, Co-Founder & CEO


Path 3.4 for Android, Now with Video

Today we are delighted to announce Path 3.4 for Android.

We launched Path for Android in 2011; since then millions of Android users have joined Path and become some of the most active and passionate members of our community. Many of you have reached out and shared your best photos, stories, and adventures with us. Today, we’re excited to bring you a new way of sharing with those you love by introducing Path Video on Android version 4.0 or later. 


To capture a video, open the Path camera and hold down on the camera button. You’ll be able to share up to thirty seconds of video with the people you care about. We’ve also made it possible to add any of our custom camera filters to your video, so you can make your video moments even better. We can’t wait to see all the amazing moments you’ll be able to capture with this new feature.

To download Path 3.4 now, visit Google Play. Enjoy.